I have a rss feed and an atom feed, if you have a reader that supports them.

  • Oct 2023: I attended and gave a talk at the third PaSh workshop at Brown.

  • Sep 2023: I started my second undergraduate year for computer science!

  • Jul 2023: I will be joining Blueprint@Stevens’s executive board as VP of Technology starting fall of 2023.

  • Jun 2023: try(1) makes it to the top of and hackernews, and surpasses 4000 stars on Github.

  • Jun 2023: I was able to go to Brown University to work on try with the rest of the team thanks to Professor Vasilakis!

  • May 2023: I attended NJPLS at UPenn!

  • May 2023: I joined Blueprint@Stevens on the infrastructure team.

  • Apr 2023: I started my research assistantship with Professor Greenberg on parallelizing shell scripts.

  • Apr 2023: I am now the secretary of the executive board at the Stevens Linux User Group!

  • Oct 2022: I joined the Castle Point Anime Convention website group to maintain our website and work on internal tooling.

  • Sep 2022: I started my first undergraduate year at Stevens Institute of Technology.