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I would love to connect with more people and read what they have to say. Please feel free to contact me if you want me to read your blog, share your ideas, or ask me about something. If you think I am wrong about something, please let me know!

The best way to reach me is via email at
If you wish to send encrypted email to me, I have a PGP key 0xFA287E7234E9F186 (wkd is also setup on this domain).

You may also send a S/MIME encrypted email to with my S/MIME cert below.

Backup email if above doesn’t work:

University email can be provided on request.

You may also encrypt your communications to me via age using my ssh keys. (more preferred)\

Some of my online identities can be verified against my pgp key via keyoxide.

For a more asynchronous chat, below are ways you can find me.

XMPP: IRC: ezri on libera and hackint
Telegram: ezrizhu
Discord: ezrieh

Discord will automatically reject requests if you’re not in a mutual server with me, feel free to join the Rust Programming Language Community Server if you need a mutual.

iMessage, Signal, and SMS can be provided on request.

Phone (Voip, Recorded, Toll-free): +1 8772066280
Fax: +1 9292070306

I currently live in the New York Metropolitan Area (Hoboken and Queens), so my timezone is the U.S. Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5), with daylight savings time (GMT-4) from March to November.

Mailing address:

Student Ezri Zhu
Stevens Institute of Technology
1 Castle Point Terrace
Hoboken NJ 07030 USA